Aspiration Welcomes Jon!

There has been an exciting new change at Aspiration as we welcome Jonathan Isaac as new manager and consultant of London Bridge.

Andy Pollard will continue to be based at London Bridge and on hand to deal with anything requiring his input, but will now be able to focus on developing Aspiration and steering the business towards the future to ensure it keeps going from strength to strength as Jon takes over the everyday management of Aspiration.

However Jon is also something of an expert with eight years experience in hair replacement, starting when he himself began losing his hair at 22 and was encouraged to seek help by his then-girlfriend. His first systems with a rival salon were somewhat expensive so Jon was encouraged to start helping out at the salon in return for discounts. One thing led to another and eventually he worked there full-time for some years before moving to another hair replacement salon. Jon then had a stint in estate agency closer to his home in Windsor but found he missed the world of hair replacement and helping hair loss sufferers regain their confidence.

As luck would have it, the opportunity to join Aspiration came along at just the right time and Jon is now looking forward to his future with Aspiration and particularly welcomes its ethical customer care policy and emphasis on relationship-building. He also has plenty of ideas for making sure our dedicated team of staff enjoy improved facilities and smart new uniforms.

Meanwhile there’s the new computer system to bed in and the new website to be rolled out! So please remember to contact Jon with any queries or problems in the first instance, and if he cannot help, he will escalate to Andy.