Aspiration is the Way To Go! Denise’s Story

If you are reading this then you must be suffering from the same problem that I had. But don’t despair because by being here you have already found the solution. Andy Pollard was recommended to me by my hairdresser, probably the only person I would trust with such advice. Upon meeting Andy I knew straight away from the knowledgeable attention I received that he would be able to get me to where I wanted to be.

I’ve been with Andy for three years now and he has bent over backwards to achieve the look that I so desperately needed. Within this time I did try a similar company closer to home but learned from bitter experience that only Andy and the London team give the complete service and complete understanding that I require. So now I gladly travel to the capital knowing I’ll return bursting with confidence and able to face the world as I always want to. The team in London understand everything about ‘our’ problem and I can safely say you have found the very best people to fix it.

Denise from Leeds