Aspiration Congratulates Joanna Rowsell on Her Olympic Triumph!

Could anyone fail to have been moved to tears when Olympic cyclist and Alopecia sufferer Joanna Rowsell proved it was still possible to go for (and get) gold, having suffered from repeat and devastating hair loss since the age of 11?

Said Joanna on BBC’s Daybreak: ‘I’ve always had the opinion that you only live once. I wasn’t going to let having Alopecia hold me back.

Joanna was also justly proud of showing fellow Alopecia suffers what was possible (co-incidentally on International Alopecia Day), and that they didn’t have to let hair loss dictate their human potential.

Strangely Joanna felt perfectly at ease collecting her medal without her wig, but apparently she doesn’t like going out the house without it otherwise.

We say; ‘Give Aspiration a call Joanna and enjoy great replacement hair in the Velodrome as well as out.’ It really doesn’t need to be a ‘wig or no wig’ choice any more. Young as you still are, things have come a long way since you were 11 and doctors and hairdressers had little else to suggest.