Are fillers hair killers?

botox 2

It’s claimed that Botox helps stimulate hair growth by increasing blood circulation to the hair follicles and it might help, if only marginally. However, there is no solid evidence that Botox can accelerate hair growth or prevent hair loss. – See more at:

Although there is as yet no clinical evidence either way, the debate rages on about whether Botox can help hair loss by relaxing the blood vessels, thus stimulating greater blood flow to hair follicles or can cause hair loss by poisoning hair follicles and you will find online forums in both camps. But at the end of the day Botox is a toxin and hair cells are sensitive fast-growing cells so is it worth the risk? I honestly believe that when a treatment debate is this contentious, it is safe to assume that Botox probably shouldn’t be used for this purpose until sufficient clinical trials have been conducted, even if the substance itself is deemed as ‘safe’ to use for cosmetic and (other) medical purposes.

Meanwhile the FDA in America has received a report from a medical centre that a female patient who regularly underwent cosmetic facial procedures lost 90% of the hair from her right temple area within two weeks of being injected with Restylene dermal filler by a registered nurse after developing ‘an intense burning pain’ in her right temple.

Following anti-inflammatory treatment and after several months she experienced 50% regrowth. This could have been an isolated incident or a case of allergic reaction, accustomed as she was to such treatment. It is understood she may have been injected with an older version however.