Are Bald Men More Virile Than Men with Full Heads of Hair?

Perhaps it is because eunuchs or those male prisoners for whom chemical sterilisation forms part of their sentence do not lose their hair that the myth first arose that an excess of testosterone (on which male hair loss used to be blamed) = boosted virility.

In reality we now know it is not too much testosterone per se which causes 95% of male hair loss but one androgen component of it known as DHT and how it is received as a signal in the hair follicle.

Researchers are now investigating the way genetic differences affect the androgen receptor of bald versus non-bald men in the hope that this information might lead to the development and production of an inhibitor to counteract hair loss.

The bad news for bald men is that while they may be no more (or less) virile than men with full heads of hair in reality, researchers found they are liable to have fewer sexual partners. However there may be a practical reason for this if hair loss has affected their confidence levels.

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