Alopecia Summer Camp Documentary

A BBC documentary ‘Crowning Glory’ is set to be screened later this year following a summer camp in the north of England for youngsters with alopecia.

The brainchild of Darren and Anne-Marie Payne, whose seven year old daughter Katelyn has suffered recurrent bouts of alopecia, the camp is intended as both support group where young sufferers can meet fellow youngsters in the same situation as well as a place where they can all have fun together; taking part in dance classes, talent contests, make-up lessons and lots of other activites to restore a sense of normality, and even specialness to their lives, and boosting lost confidence.

If life can be hard for children with all their hair, it is easy to imagine how hard (and cruel) it can be for children without. Indeed some visitors to this blog will know only too well from their own childhood experiences just how hard.