7 Simple Cosmetic Fixes For Early-Middle Stage Hair Loss


1: Change hairstyle or go for the chop

This is probably most people’s first solution and their hairdresser’s first suggestion. Change your parting over or zigzag it, experiment with different styles. Go shorter for extra bounce. Try multi-tonal highlights to give the appearance of thickness.  If you are a man, go for a textured or layered crop cut (use sea salt spray for extra texture).

2.: Volumise with a blow dry

When the hair is wet the cuticles open slightly and the shafts bind together, a bit like Velcro. When you blow dry your hair you reverse this process, instantly making hair look thicker and fuller.

It’s important to invest in a good quality hair dryer on a low setting however as too much heat can damage your remaining hair. If hair loss is minor, you can then use a little hairspray sprayed onto a round brush to gently fix style in place, but don’t use so much you end up with a ‘helmet effect’. Remember too that the more products you use, the more often you will need to wash your hair to keep it looking natural.

3: The Original Comb-over

Time-consuming and risky, comb-overs occasionally convince, but catch the wind and it can be akin to a pedal bin opening to betray all your secrets. Big in the 1970s and trademarked by footballer Bobby Charlton and newsreader Frank Bough.  A well-hairsprayed quiff may be possible for the modest-sized bare patch, but avoid the Donald Trump shredded wheat effect of brushing the hair forward or from one ear to another.

4: Sprinkle!

These are eletrostatically charged nanofibres which you buy in the same shade as your hair and sprinkle onto your hair to cling to your natural strands, providing instant volume. A bit of locking spray locks them into place against wind and rain though they can be washed out with each hair wash.

Remarkably effective at providing volume and disguising light-medium hair loss but apply sensibly for most natural looking effects and don’t overdo the locking spray either or your hair may look stiff rather than natural. Always have a spare tub in reserve as the longer fibres tend to be used up first leaving the smaller ones left in the tub, which are less effective as you get to the bottom. Available in various brands. However still a good idea to continue sitting out of direct sunlight if you are attempting to conceal a patch rather than general thinning.

5: Spray!

Similar to above but in spray form and arguably less convincing.  Also exposes your scalp to more chemical contact. Still better than an eyebrow pencil though. NEVER use one of those!

6: Thicken and strengthen

There are now scores of ‘hair fattening’ products on the market but most of the best are still only available online and it is worth trying a few to find the one which works best for you. Often the magic ingredient is silicone which invisibly coats the hair strands making them appear thicker. Other products simply seek to add more strength to hair if you feel that your hair is weaker or limper than it should be.

7: Tattoo

Otherwise known as ‘micropigementation’. Probably best reserved for men whose current solution is shaving all their hair off or keeping it uber-short. But do ensure that your practitioner is qualified in cosmetic tattooing and is experienced with previous satisfied customers of this technique. Also check they will be using specialist cosmetic-grade ink and not normal tattoo ink, which is not intended for cosmetic purpose, but for bold decorative purposes. If they don’t know the difference – find another practitioner – fast as you don’t want to look like a clown!

Cosmetic tattooing can also be an excellent solution for small areas such as missing eyebrows where Alopecia or cancer treatment have struck.

If you need a longer-term fix or have more extensive hair loss, come to Aspiration Hair for your free, no-obligation,  consultation.