Latisse - Does it Work for Hair Loss?

Latisse was first developed as a drug to treat Glaucoma in the early noughties. Many patients noticed to their surprise that during the course of their glaucoma treatment with Latisse, their eyelashes became fuller, darker and longer. So many reported this side effect that in 2008, the drug was licenced by the FDA for the cosmetic treatment of thin eyelashes. Word quickly spread and now it is a staple over-the-counter cosmetic treatment available in all major chemists, boasting an 85% customer satisfaction rating, although it takes commitment to a new daily cosmetic routine to get the best results.

It was soon found that Latisse gave pretty good results on sparse eyebrows as well.

Needless to say the question was soon asked ‘Does Latisse work on hair loss too?”

One well-known US hair loss surgeon began combining its use with a laser cap, but it was hard to establish whether it was the laser cap or the Latisse which was working and he was eventually forced to conclude that ‘Latisse does not re-start hair growth for hair which has stopped growing.’

The message boards on Latisse are very positive for eyelash and eyebrow improvement but there is much debate about whether it helps hair loss or not. The general consensus is that it can help early hair loss, if any, which ties in with what the hair loss surgeon found.

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