Don't Lose Your Life to Hair Loss...

hair loss

It is common to feel despair as a result of hair loss. Many hair loss forums are full of messages from those who feel desperate, hopeless and even suicidal as a result of their hair loss.

Recently a 27 year old software engineer in India, R Mithun Raj, allegedly took his own life as a result of hair loss, caused by a scalp infection, which apparently would not respond to treatment.

Just prior to Mithun’s death it was reported that his mother had been trying (and failing) to find him a wife, which cannot have helped his self-esteem.issues.

The article does not mention if Mithun was taking anti-depressants, some of which are linked to suicidal tendencies, as well as hair loss!

One final curious aspect of the case is that Mithun appeared to be a Sikh in which case, it is natural to assume that it would be quite easy to hide his hair loss beneath a turban.  Notwithstanding, many Sikh males are proud of their long tresses (traditionally never cut) and see them as an element of their masculine power and strength, so perhaps he was battling other aspects of hair loss as well as the more usual.

Whether Mithun had access to hair replacement services in his area, or was too proud to seek them out, we don’t know, but please remember there are ALWAYS alternatives to letting hair loss rule your life, or decide your fate. Please always seek help and do not suffer in silence to the point that life becomes unbearable.

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