Alopecia Areata affects

Alopecia Areata affects approximately two percent of the population overall. 50% of these people regrow their hair within the first year of diagnosis without treatment – unfortunately between 7 and 10% aren’t so lucky. Alopecia is most common in ages 15-29 – approximately six out of 10 people affected develop their first bald patch before they are 20 years old [NHS, 2014].

Alopecia is not life-threatening, but is most certainly LIFE-ALTERING.

That’s where we can help.

Here at Aspiration, we offer a truly innovative approach when it comes to Alopecia and our offering is completely unique in the market place. Our service has been designed from the onset to keep your privacy in mind. It is all starts with a one to one consultation with an expert in Alopecia Health. Peter developed Alopecia Areata at the Age of 15 – this developed into Alopecia Universals before he turned 20. He has leveraged this experience to personally design our tailor-made approach to Alopecia and offer a consultation like no other in the market-place. You can read his complete story here. We must reiterate the choice will ALWAYS remain with you. All we offer is our unparalleled expertise & experience. We have ties with the UKs leading Alopecia Charities and work closely with the NHS to ensure the service we offer remains up-to-date, innovative and mindful of the sensitivity surrounding the syndrome.


Results may vary from person to person

Peter’s Story


The moment I knew my alopecia had developed out of my control was around about the age of 20. As I stood in the shower, carefully washing what was left of my hair, the water around my feet began to pool as the plug once again became blocked by my shedding hair. It was at this stage that I knew what started off as a few, manageable bald patches, was quickly developing into a complete loss of body hair. I was right and 2 months later, I had lost it all.

It was at this stage when I was at my most vulnerable. I would walk around the house with my hood up, return home from work and isolate myself in my room and soon lost touch with my friends and family – who were only there to try and help. It’s almost impossible to quantify the emotional impact this had on my life. In fact, it wasn’t until I found Aspiration & had gone through the consultancy process that I truly realised what losing my hair had meant to me.

The potential to have a full head of hair once again, to swim, to run, to play sports flew back into my life in an almighty fashion. It’s true, Alopecia is not Life-Threatening, but it is truly life altering – life altering in ways that those who do not suffer can and will never understand. In fact, it is this divide in the understanding of the emotional impact of Alopecia between sufferers and non-sufferers which reduces investment & research into ‘cures’ and ‘solutions’ to the syndrome.

It is because of my story, and contributions from existing clients that we are able to offer the emotional intelligence and understanding to empathise with sufferers. We offer the scientific background, knowledge and fluency to advise and consult. It is because of this we are able to offer a uniquely tailor-made, fully-integrated solution with the ultimate aim of returning oneself to the individual you once were – reinvigorating self-belief, confidence and personal gratification.

I myself have been through the darkness and come out the other side. There is no doubt in my mind that this solution works – on a physical and emotional level. You will find above video interviews with a number of our clients. It is these young men and women whose lives we have been able to change. You will see from their faces that there is no disappointment, only empowerment, gratification and a belief that the worst is now behind them.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call. Let curiosity get the better of you. Aspire to be the person you once were. I know for one, I’ll never look back.

What to Expect

  • Private entrance & opening hours
  • Private waiting room
  • Private one to one consultation
  • Option to meet with current clients
  • Before & After private photo-shoot available
  • Finance Packages Available

Aspiration community

The Aspiration Community is a unique populous of those individuals who benefit from our service. The Community aims to bring together people of all ages and backgrounds and offers the chance to share stories and experiences. Aspiration relies on this community as a medium for feedback – together we can build a more robust, individualistic experience and Aspire more and more people every day. The power is in your hands!


“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will”